Flatpack Urbanism

Anywhere and Everywhere

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Flatpack Urbanism started as a fun way of participating in a quick bench competition in Canada. While working on the competition though we came across a much more interesting design and product idea that we wanted to develop and explore. While the competition was very site specific, we were more intrigued by the idea of someone combining different components together to make something that was both uniquely site specific, while also able to serve any site, via different component combinations. That's exactly what we feel like we have achieved with Flatpack Urbanism.

Competition Description:
"Flatpack Urbanism is all about simplicity, versatility and affordability. Knowing that this installation is temporary, and not nearby, we wanted to create something that could be used in multiple locations, would be easy to assemble and inexpensive to transport. Flatpack Urbanism is a kit of parts of 1ā€™-4ā€ Function Areas that can be combined together to create any kind of outdoor space imaginable. Versatility was key as every place is different and our system needs to be able to accommodate the specific requirements of different sites. Therefore, we have functions that range from sitting, dining, and lounging to high top tables and bike racks that allow you to use your bike as the seat. All of which can be combined in both a long sidewalk configuration or a shorter parking space layout."


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